SSP POWER is one of the leading Fiberglass manufacturers, specializing in molding various shapes of construction parts using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), which is known in the design industry as being able to be used for developing a wide variety of freeform construction parts. It is Venustas, strong, does not stretch, shrink, or swell, and can be made into many different types of surfaces. Many colors include gold, rust, copper, green rust, Higross, etc.

They can be used in building decoration, building wrapping, bending objects, and architecture. They can be installed inside and outside the building such as escalator wrapping, facade building wrapping, wall wrapping, column wrapping, sculpture casting, Fiberglass mannequins, Fiberglass molding, Fiberglass casting, and molding. Custom Fiberglass, Fiberglass pillar, Seamless wall, exterior wrapping Building materials, Fiberglass furniture, Large Fiberglass waterfall walls, Fiberglass plant pots, Fiberglass columns casting Large model, throwing Mascot, Fiberglass walls, custom walls, Large Backdrop Wall.

Design and installation of high-rise buildings, vertical and horizontal, bending objects Building wrapping, structural decoration, and interior, and exterior decoration using Fiberglass and GRP

Consultation on products and design
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Structural decoration and building decoration with GRP
Architectural GRP by SSP

Design and installation of building decoration Building wrapping work bending objects GRP Cladding 3 D Forming of construction parts with G R P products, prefabricated walls | GRP pole | wall decorated with floral arch | cornice GRP |  top of the dome’s roof | Curved Cornice| Eaves with spiral pattern | Ridge Capping | GRP Cladding | bend GRP | battens GRP| artificial wood (GRP) |Dome, support column, Gable, eaves artificial wood, Column and column Head, Ridge Capping, Thai pattern moldings, Wall cornice, Ceiling Cornice, Niches, window frame

GRP Product Features

Strong, lightweight, easy to install, does not stretch, shrink, crack, swell after installation, environmentally friendly. Formed as needed, sharp patterns, no water absorption, acid resistance, chemical resistance, long service life.

Service with GRP products

department store decoration Decoration for hotels, and resorts, decorating projects for residential projects hospital decoration Decorated churches, temples, temples, design, and installation. by a professional team

Manufacturing and installing GRP products

Facade wall cladding, fiberglass column Escalator cladding, VOID edge cladding, GRP prefabricated walls, fiberglass columns and headers window frame Decorative cornices for walls, cornices, decorative ceilings, domes, braces, gables, eaves, moldings of construction parts, GRP Cladding, decorative facades, Thai decorative patterns, sculpture castings Sculpture