We work with both domestic and international architects and have a group of leading architects in the country who have confidence in our services to produce the workpiece according to the desired design

Consultation on products and design
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Our services

SSP power provides construction parts molding services in various shapes and sizes using Fiberglass and GRP(Glass Reinforced Plastic) for interior and exterior design, building decoration, building wrapping, bending objects, and architectural work.

Fiberglass and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is well-known in the design industry for their flexible ability, you can mold it in a wide variety of shapes (Freeform). It is Venustas, strong,  does not stretch, shrink, or swell, and can be made into many different surfaces and colors such as gold, rust, copper, green rust, Higross, etc.

SSP power has a team of experts in Fiberglass and GRP Cladding 3D.Our services include Construction components molding, prefabricated walls, dome tops, supports, pediment, eaves, artificial wood, columns, columns head Cornice, Thai pattern mouldings, Ridge Capping roofs, cornices, ceiling Cornice, railings, door-window frames.

Design and installation of high-rise buildings, vertical and horizontal, and decorating the building Both inside and outside the building with Fiberglass and GRP

GRP specialist services

Shopping mall decoration

Hotel & Resort decoration

Residential Decoration

Hospital decoration

Churches temples cathedral decoration

Design and installation services both around the country and abroad

Design, manufacture, and install services using GRP products

Facade wall wrapping

Fiberglass columns

Escalator wrapping

Edges Void wrapping

Prefabricated GRP walls

Fiberglass Column and column Head

 door-window frames.

Wall cornice

Ceiling Cornice

Dome, support column, Gable, eaves

Construction components molding

GRP Cladding


Thai pattern moldings

Sculpture casting

Facade building wrapping

Columns wrapping

Fiberglass mannequins

Fiberglass product

Fiberglass molding

Fiberglass mannequins

Fiberglass product

Fiberglass molding

Custom made Fiberglass

Fiberglass columns

Fiberglass furniture

Seamless decor walls, seamless exterior decor

Exterior building wrapping material, Seamless walls

Large Fiberglass waterfall walls

Fiberglass plant pots

Fiberglass Column molding

Large model Casting

Mascot model Casting

Fiberglass Wall

Custom Wall

Large Backdrop Wall.

GRP Products: Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP is a product that uses polyester resin to be molded into construction parts, of various shapes, and reinforced with fiberglass, decoration, and building decoration. with GRP products for interior and exterior applications such as

top of the dome
support column
Fiberglass Column and column Head
Ridge Capping
Thai pattern moldings
Wall cornice
door-window frames.
Building Material
ฺBuild as needed

Qualify of GRP Products

Strong, lightweight, easy to install Not stretching, shrinking, cracking, or swelling after installation,  environmentally friendly, Shaped as needed, sharp patterns, unable to absorb water, resistant to acid and chemicals, long service life

We have direct experience both domestically and internationally. And have a group of leading architects in the country trust us. can produce the workpiece according to the desired design

Consultation on products and design
Contact Mr. Prachaya 089-204-7472 , 02-159-6043

Structural and building decoration with GRP products

Architectural GRP by SSP POWER

Top of the dome | Eaves Curved | Base Trim: spiral
streaked | Ridge Capping

 Prefabricated GRP walls | GRP columns  | Niches |  GRP of Ceiling Cornice

GRP Cladding | GRP Bending

ฺBattens GRP | Artificial wood GRP | Eaves